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Let Thomas Sno Sports be the source for your 1962-1968 Arctic Cat needs.

We stock exact reproduction decals for nearly every model from 1962 through 1968. Our decals are made from originals using high quality materials and the screen printing process, same as when new.

About a decade ago we purchased what was believed to be the biggest inventory of new-old-stock parts in existence for the 1962-1966 Arctic Cats. We have sold many of those parts over the years but still have many things in stock, please call (320-556-3467) or e-mail Tom with your needs.

We have done countless repairs and many restorations on our own old Arctic Cats. We are beginning to do more and more of those now as a service for our customers. Whether you need points and condensers in your JLO, drive sprockets in your Panther, motor mounts in your Cougar, or, a complete restoration of a Model 450, we can handle the job. A few of our service techs have been servicing snowmobiles since 1970! While these services are very labor intensive and do not come cheaply, we're always happy to discuss your project. Certain times of the year are better for the larger projects than others.

If you are seeking a part that we do not have in stock, we will try to direct you to it. If you have a large or small old Arctic Cats parts inventory for sale, we may make an offer on it.

We have not accumulated any 69 - 81 Arctic Cat race sled parts nor are we experienced with this particular group of sleds. We will acquire parts for the racers if the opportunity arises but as of now we have zero for these.

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Special interest Arctic Cats

Here we will post some of the Arctic Cats from our family collection. These are not for sale, nor are they always able to be viewed at our store (please call ahead if you're stopping to browse). We're crazy about old Cats and hope you enjoy looking. Click on the "camera" icon to see image of each.

2008 Arctic Cat F5 I-500 Racer

This sled is one of seven 2008 F5s that competed in a special media class during the running of the 2008 United States Cross Country I-500 snowmobile race. These sleds were prepped and provided by Arctic Cat Inc to 7 different media organizations to bring a renewed interest in the sports purest form of racing, cross country. This effort has indeed brought more participation to cross country racing and it can even be said that these 7 sleds had some influence on the development of the very radical 2010 Sno Pro 500 model. Arctic Cat installed upgraded shocks, skid plates, tether switches, race graphics, taller windshields and a few other things to these otherwise stock F5s to ready them for 500 miles of competition in below-zero conditions. This particular sled was raced by the team from Supertrax magazine and finished the entire race despite taking a dramatic first day crash at high speeds. A full story of this event can be read in the fall 2008 issue of Arctic Cat Pride magazine. A full article of this very sled and the Supertrax team I-500 race effort can be read at...

2006 Arctic Cat Crossfire 700

This snowmobile is another example of a first-off-the-assembly-line unit. It is stamped VIN number...000001. I have not yet confirmed if this is the very first snowmobile produced for the 2006 model year, or, the very first Crossfire produced for the 2006 model year, or both. Aside from its low vin number, the 2006 Crossfire is a noteworthy snowmobile. It was the first true cross over sled from Arctic that delivered superb trail riding manners, and, great deep snow ability as well. The chassis is patterned from the box-aluminum design pioneered by the Firecat, but widened to accept a 15 inch wide track like the M Series. The performance of the 600 and 700 engines is already legendary just a few short years after their introduction. This sled stays in our family, we have had this to the Rockies, Michigan and everywhere in between.

2003 Arctic Cat 300 2x4 ATV

This version of the 300 2x4 was produced from 1998 through 2003. It was at the top of its class during that era with its front and rear fully independent suspension, shaft drive, single lever brakes, 4 cycle Suzuki engine and the 5 speed transmission with auto-clutch and high/low range. The slightly rearward engine position gave it easy steering, good traction and a slightly different appearance when viewed from the side. We have owned this since new, my parents used this for many seasons around the home and while getting around at tractor shows. Vin number..800001 indicates this was likely the first ATV off the production line for the 2003 model year. It is pictured here with a set of accessory turf-tread tires that we often ran on it.

2000 Arctic Cat ZR 600 SE Blair Morgan edition

Only 355 of these were produced and were pretty sought after in its day. Blair Morgan was a super successful racer with Team Arctic and this limited edition snowmobile celebrated that fact. We sold this locally as a new sled and just traded it back in this winter. It has over 7000 miles on it and seems like it is ready for thousands more. This differs from a production 2000 ZR 600 with painted rails, deeper lug track, Blair Morgan graphics, lower windshield and more.

1998 Arctic Cat ZR 440 Sno Pro

This is one of the very sleds that Aaron Scheele raced during the 1997-1998 season. Aaron recalls competing with this sled in many of his stock-class races at some of WSAs national and regional events that season, and also at the USSA Eagle River Wi Sno Cross event in January of 1998. Aaron sold this at the end of his 1997-98 race season and it ended up simply being used for trail and recreational riding by at least two different owners since then. We purchased it in 2009 when we spotted it for sale at a local swap meet. Surprisingly, it is has survived all these years still very much in the same form as when it was last raced, including the very familiar number 144 that Aaron raced under for so many years.

1996 Arctic Cat ZR 580 efi ETT

This sled was a mid-season model release in the 95-96 winter season. It showcased a number of things that had not been used before on the ZR 580 models...Quick-adjust driven clutch, Arctco 9 post drive clutch, tipped-up Extended Travel Tunnel and rear suspension, Quick-adjust front arm adjuster, remote reservoir ski shocks, bright Arctic Green hood color, sno cross style handlebars, race-style seat with tunnel pads, and more. It differs greatly, in large and small ways, from the very popular 1997 ZR 580 model which was released just a few months later. This unit has 3679 miles on it and is in very good original condition. It is believed that 502 of these were produced and this one was the final one off the line. Serial number 9661932, engine number B58-409318. This very snowmobile is pictured on pages 106 and 107 of the book 50 Years of the Cat, authored by John Sandberg.

1996 Arctic Cat Bearcat 454 ATV #1

This ATV is not only the first model ATV produced by Arctic Cat, it is the very first production ATV ever off the assembly line. It bears VIN number ...0001. It had zero miles on it when I aquired it, I run it a few miles each year. At the time, it was the only model produced. 454cc liquid-cooled engine, 5 speed manual transmission with auto-clutch and high/low range, semi-independent rear suspension and more. This simple looking model was a very successful beginning to the now hugely successful Arctic Cat ATV line. This very ATV is shown on page 29 of the book 50 Years of the Cat, written by John Sandberg.

1994 Arctic Cat Thundercat 900

This is the very snowmobile that finished the 1993-1994 NSSR race season as the world record holder in SR11 at 114.134 mph. Ron Cook of Wi was the driver, he and his team were also awarded a $5000 prize at the end of the season as the winner of the highly competitive Thundercat Top Cat Shootout that was sponsored by Arctic Cat. Photos exist of this snowmobile from its time as a speed run sled showing different variations of decals on the hood, including no graphics at all as it looks today. A great recap of this sleds world record run is printed in the February 1994 Team Arctic Racing News publication. Since its time on the speed run circuit, it became a trail riding machine and currently has over 4000 miles on the odometer. Vin number 9430616.

1992 Arctic Cat Tigershark PWC

Arctic Cat produced the Tigershark line of personal watercraft for model years 1993 through 1999. This unit is a 1992 model. Most sources do not acknowledge the 1992s and treat them as though they never existed. The vin number on this unit leads me to believe that this was the 6th 1992 Tigershark off the assembly line. I estimate that approximately 68 1992 models were produced. This one was originally retailed through Tousley Sport Center in MN. They look much like the 1993 model that was offered but with slight differences in...hood latches, throttle lever, ride plate, seat cover, tool tray, engine i.d. tag, nose cone construction, rub rail, hull liner, drain plug, etc.

1992 Arctic Cat EXT Special

It is styling and features that set the 1992 EXT Specials apart from other sleds of that era. This was only the second season of the 550 cc liquid engine being offered in the AWS chassis. Long travel front and rear suspensions, Fox gas shocks front and rear, larger 12 gallon fuel tank and more were all standard equipment. The factory-installed low windshield and colorful flame graphics created a lot of attention when these were out on the trail. This sled is a well preserved original example of this popular model.

1992 1/2 Arctic Cat EXT 550 efi

This model was a mid-season release during the winter of 1991-1992 to show off the all-new 550 electronic fuel injection engine package. A very similar model to this was widely available as a 1993 model. I have not yet verified how many of these were produced but typically a mid-season release model was around 500 units. The 1992 1/2's differed from the 1993's with different decals, different seat covers, different headlight pod, different windshields and a number of small differences on mechanical items under the hood. This sled has an accessory reverse kit on it and is mostly original. This unit also shows evidence of being an early pilot-build of the mid-season release group. Is in good general operating condition.

1990 Arctic Cat EXT Special

In 1990 the all-new EXT Special differed from the regular El Tigre EXT in that it had Fox gas suspension shocks, chrome-moly front suspension arms, shortened ski spindles, aluminum clutch shield, shorter seat foam saddle, front air vent on hood, aluminum rear idlers, low windshield, purple graphics and more. 525 of these were produced and were available mostly to racers. Kirk Hibbert won the Jeep I-500 cross country race on a model like this in January 1991. This sled is in good general operating condition at this time, serial number 9033072.

1989 Arctic Cat Cheetah Touring

500cc fan-cooled engine, long 16"x156" track. Reverse, electric start, mirrors, speedometer, tachometer, handwarmers and 2 passenger seating is all standard equipment on this model. Of special note, this sled is a pre-production 89 model with a 1988 vin number. Likely was built up for engineering or marketing purposes. This unit has a special hand fabricated fiberglass handlebar pad that was a forerunner to the new-for-89 handlebar design. Also has slight variances to the windshield mounting location that seperates it from the production 89s. The rear tunnel extension and taillight housing is very different from the 88 models and slightly different from the production 89 models. This is a well preserved sled in very original condition. We have done some engine maintenance on this since buying it in the fall of 2005. Is now basically ready to ride.

1988 Arctic Cat Wildcat pilot build

1988 was the first year of the Wildcat model for Arctic Cat, regular production began on October 9th 1987. This particular model is the 99th of 100 pilot-build Wildcats that were built in January of number 8800099. Many of these first 100 went to racers, dealers, etc...some were held back for further evaluation. Sometimes called 1987s, these pilot build Wildcats are pretty easily spotted as they have a large one-piece seat design different than the production models. A better image of this sled can be found on page 19 of the book 50 Years of the John Sandberg. Engine number A65-100124.

1985 Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000 Z pilot-build

This is one of only about 50 of the very first AFS El Tigres that were released in approximately January 1984. This has a 1984 vin number and was produced in November 1983. This has the general appearence of the new-for-1985 El Tigre AFS but with many subtle differences...Open rear shock fender design; Hand cut,narrowed track; Styled rear idler wheels, similar to an Indy; Welded on hood hinges; Twin exhaust pipes; Different seat back profile; Different length of spindle leg; Differences in Belly Pan construction and routing; Differences in skid frame arm construction; Different Sway Bar and Arms. Vin Number:8402705; Engine Number: H50-100758. This machine was originally part of the Gordon Rhode collection near Wausau Wi. The odometer showed only 23 miles on it when we aquired this and we believe it is possible that is accurate.

1984 Arctic Cat Panther

This is the first model year snowmobile that was offered by the newly organized Arctco Arctic Cat company. Of special interest on this particular unit is its rather low vin number of 4000295. It is my assumption that this sled came off the assembly line on approximately the second day of production at the newly re-formed company. It is easy to forget now years later but much excitement had to be circulating around the plant during those early times of again producing Arctic Cats. This sled shows 5274 miles on the odometer and is in original condition in nearly every way. 440 fan cooled engine #G44-400685.

1982 Arctic Cat Puma

This is one of the never-released prototypes that was scheduled for the 1982 model year. Has direct drive without a traditional chaincase. 440 fan-cooled engine. Rubber track. This sled has over 6700 miles on the odometer and has had 2 owners prior to our purchasing it. It is nearly all original and likely will be left as-is to preserve as much of the originality as possible. This sled does have a vin number on it, 1000013. As more info is learned about the 1982 protos it looks as if 2 similar, but different, Puma models were being developed. One version had a slightly shorter hood/belly pan design and a 300 cc single-cylinder fan-cooled engine with oil injection. This twin-cylinder Puma's hood/belly pan styling mostly matches the 82 Jag design.

1982 Arctic Cat Pantera 440 Liquid

Pre-production prototype snowmobile. Arctic Enterprises was going to produce a 440 Pantera for the 1982 model year with a 440 oil injected liquid cooled engine package, this sled is a surviving example of that. We are the second owner of this sled. The previous owner had used it as a daily driver for many years. The bulkhead, belly pan and console are all similar to an 81 Pantera. The hood, tunnel, skid frame, oil tank, radiator mounts and more are all different from any production parts I have seen and are unique to this sled. No vin number on this sled ever. Sled is in good mechanical condition and is ready to ride.

1982 Arctic Cat Jag

Pre-production prototype, no vin number ever. This Jag model had been entirely re-designed and is very different from the popular Jag models that had been offered from 1975 thru 1981. All-new chassis, rear suspension, belly pan, hood, seat, etc were to debut on this had it been released. This is another model that was to be offered for 1982 that has direct-drive. 440 fan-cooled engine with oil-injection. I bought this in 1998 from an Arctic dealer in MN that had purchased it from the old Arctic salvage department. We have repainted the hood and even managed to find an NOS seat cover and belly pan for it. It is now in good mechanical condition. Full instrumentation is in place but it appears that the speedometer has never been hooked up, actual mileage is unknown. It still bears number "P 25" on the side of the tunnel from its early days at Arctic Enterprises.

1982 Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000

This snowmobile was a pre-production prototype. Had Arctic Enterprises actually produced any 1982 models, the El Tigre would have looked much like this sled. This unit was an engineering-model and not a photo-shoot model, thus it has a seat cover from a 1981 El Tigre on it. It is VIN numbered as a 1981 and looks to have began life as an 81 El Tigre. This has the common 500 liquid cylinders on the engine however it has a rare sandcast experimental bottom end on the engine that allows oil-injection. Oil injection had not been used on previous Cat liquids, nor was it used in the immediate years following either. The hood, windshield, nosecone, belly pan and console are all unique to the 1982 prototypes. Chassis VIN number: 1017733. Engine case number: ZTO370-12. I have not yet confirmed how many of these made it out to the public but am guessing it may have been as low as a few dozen? Odometer shows over 6400 miles on this sled. Tom rode this sled on the 2011 Snowmobile Hall of Fame Ride with the Champs event and again in 2012. This very sled was featured in an article in a fall 2009 issue of American Snowmobiler magazine, and, is also pictured on page 121 of the book 50 Years of the Cat. Photo above courtesy of John Sandberg.

1982 Arctic Cat Cougar

This is a pre-production prototype that was scheduled to be released for the 1982 model year. Is vin numbered as a 1981 model. Has a 500 fan cooled engine with many signs of being a pilot build...oil-injection, dual carbs, 1st generation plastic cooling shroud, hand stamped i.d. number, etc. Has an 82 only hood, nose cone, console, fiberglass belly pan, seat, etc. I bought this in 1991 from a dealer that had gotten it from Arctic. It took 18 years to finish this as I was always needing some part that I couldnt find. Just about 2 decades later and the restoration/preservation of this snowmobile is done!

1981 Arctic Cat Jag Long Track

This Jag has an unusual long track under it. It was built by Arctic Enterprises for the Scandinavian market, this model is rarely seen in the US. I have not been able to determine how many of these were produced, or how many stayed in the US. It is factory built with a long-for-its-time 15"x151" rubber track. It also has a tunnel extension/rack that tips up in the rear to allow for more movement of the articulating rear suspension rails. Some of this technology was later used again in the mid 1990s. Much of this sled has the same features of the common 1981 Jag 4000's...oil injected 440 fan cooled engine, leaf spring front suspension, speedometer, etc. This sled has had an accessory electric start and tachometer kit added to it. We bought this in early 2006 in New Hampshire. It had license tabs on it showing use in Massachusetts from 1988-1999. It is currently in good mechanical condition.

1979 Arctic Cat El Tigre 5000

This sled belongs to, and was restored by, my nephew Eric. It was purchased brand new by his parents. They owned it for over 10 years and it was then sold off to a local person. After a few years of neglect, it ended up back at our store in poor condition. In the fall of 2002 Eric put it back into its current good condition. 500cc free air engine, 2/3 cleated track and speedometer was all standard equipment on this.

1979 Arctic Cat Cross Country Prototype

This snowmobile is believed to be 1 of 2 experimental models produced in the fall of 1978. This is the very sled that is pictured on page 123 of the book: Legend. This was raced in many cross country race events in the winter of 78-79 by Chester Boman and it still has the original Team Arctic Boman driver decal on the hood. The front suspension has a look of the Trail Cat design but is actually entirely different. Many hand-built parts and components on this sled. Arctic engineers Tubby Lund and Roger Gage created these two sleds in an effort to further test different ideas that they had regarding future model development. It has a 440 bottom end, 340 cylinders, hex-shaft clutch and hand built reverse cam driven. More information can be seen regarding this snowmobile in the winter 08-09 issue of Arctic Cat Pride magazine, and, also on page 119 of the book 50 Years of the Cat. This very snowmobile was also featured in the February 26 1979 issue of Snow Week Magazine. This snowmobile was on display at the Snowmobile Hall of Fame and Museum in St Germain WI in 2012 and 2013.

1977 Arctic Cat Cross Country Cat

Developed for cross country racing this model was produced with a Suzuki 340 cc liquid cooled engine, hydraulic brakes, twin exhaust pipes and rubber track...all of which had not yet been offered from Arctic on a sled of this type. This also has full instrumentation, twin fuel tanks, dual ski shocks and more. We bought this in 2003 and gave it a light cosmetic restoration, the majority of this snowmobile is original. Tom rode this sled over 160 miles on a day in February 2009 as a participant in the 1st annual Vintage Challenge ride that is hosted by the Snowmobile Hall of Fame, and again in the 2010 event. It is believed that less than 1000 of these were produced, possibly as low as 300.

1976 Arctic Cat Cross Country Cat

340cc Suzuki/Spirit free-air engine with factory dual carbs. A very similar sled to the new-for-1976 Pantera model, the 76 Cross Country Cats were built to compete in cross country competition. Factory dual fuel tanks, speedometer and tachometer were standard equipment. It is published that 625 of these were produced. This belongs to son Mitch, he has done a full restoration on this and has it ready to ride. This very snowmobile is pictured on page 89 of the book Snowmobile History, Volume 1, authored by Pierre Pellerin.

1971 Arctic Cat Panther 760

This sled has the original big 760 JLO engine, twin-cylinder and air-cooled. Model #:760 JPA. It came from the factory with the twin chrome side pipes. In recent years these have been called montana pipes, however I do not recall hearing that term back in the day. This sled was purchased brand new by a family friend from Vern Adamson at Verns Outdoor Sports in Thief River Falls MN. Verns son Randy, is still the Arctic Cat dealer in Thief River Falls...RV Sports. This sled also has accessory electric start, speedometer and tachometer; all of which are still operating.

1971 Arctic Cat Kitty Cat prototype

The first model year of Kitty Cat production was 1972. A handful of prototype pilot-build Kitty Cats were released during the 1971 model year, this is one of them. This looks similar to the 1972s, but has many differences...2-cycle Clinton brand engine, full-width fiberglass console, entirely different bulkhead construction, front bumper material same as full-size sleds, counter-sank bumper mount bolts, fiberglass metal-flake belly pan, fiberglass hood, metal hood hinge, mini bike style kill switch, console mounted choke and recoil handle, hinged fiberglass chain guard, aluminum Cat Cutter style rear grab bar, slightly wider skis with a V shaped bottom and welded on wear bar, hood trim for ski tip protection, King Cat style side decals, and, mini bike style front decal. This 71 Kitty Cat has an ID tag same as the other 71 models, leads me to believe that they were produced in Thief River Falls MN and not Omaha like the 72s and 73s? This tag reads...Serial: 0028, Model: KITTY CAT. I am aware of at least 3 more of these that are still surviving, I think the highest number I know of is number 0034. I purchased this from a guy in Canada in 2003. It is in good general condition with all paint, decals, seat, etc original. This very snowmobile is pictured on page 12 of the book 50 Years of the Cat, written by John Sandberg.

1970 Arctic Cat Ssscat II Mini Bike

1970 was the first model year for Arctic Cat mini bike production. This unit is believed to be the actual very first mini bike off from the production line, it bears serial number 000001. Its model number is 2250-001. This bike has been lightly restored. It has the original Techumseh 4 cycle engine, Torque Converter clutch system, etc. This model of the Ssscat II also has the factory headlight and taillight.

1970 Arctic Cat Puma 399 EXT

This snowmobile was purchased by my dad when it was a few months old from the Arctic Enterprises salvage department. It had spent the winter in at least a few races but we do not know by whom it was driven. After arriving here at the store, it was soon sold to a young local guy that would become my brother-in-law just a couple years later. While Don owned it the original 399 Kohler EXT engine failed and it was replaced with a new non-EXT 399 Kohler engine, that is the engine that is still in it today. After the sled was again sold in the mid 1970s, everyone lost track of it. We bought it again in late 2001. It arrived here with the steel bulkhead broke-off, shot clutch, weak engine, etc. It had been determined that it had reached the end of its practical life as a daily driver. A few months later, the snow melted and we were parting out some sleds that had accumulated here over the season. When this one was brought in, it was then that we thought that it might be Dons old 70. Upon closer inspection, we determined that it definately was his old sled. In certain types of light, you can clearly see where he had his name painted on the hood, etc. Back to the early 70s... This sled had an auxillary fuel tank bolted to the back that was discarded. It also had dual carbs back when it had the EXT engine in it. The model number on the original tag reads: 399KPEXT. It is published that only 38 of this model were ever produced. As this sled sits here today, it still retains the original hood, seats, tunnel, suspension, etc. We repaired the bulkhead, rebuilt the engine, replaced the clutch, etc. It has run/worked well since the overhaul. If anyone knows any missing history of this sled, please contact us.

1969 Arctic Cat Panther Factory Mod

This snowmobile is Model P17HSM. It has a Factory Mod Hirth single cylinder engine. I am not certain of everything that went into making this a Factory Mod engine but do know that a megaphone exhaust came from the factory. The chassis closely resembles the P10 Panther that was offered in 1969 as it does not have the rear mounted gas tank. The seat also differs in shape and color from the more common 1969 Panthers. It is published that 187 of this model Panther was produced. This snowmobile was sold brand new by my Dads dealership to a man from Mora MN. The sleds owner raced it for a few seasons out of my Dads store. We have pictures of this sled from the summer of 1969 showing its owner and a lot of trophies. My Dad has told stories of this sled competing really well not only in the single-cylinder classes but also when it was jumped up into classes with more powerfull snowmobiles, he said this was especially true on tight winding race courses. I aquired this snowmobile at a local farm auction in the spring of 2002. The second owner had removed the original megaphone to make it more trail-friendly but I was able to locate another and install it back on the original mounts. The seat cover was showing wear and I have had it recovered to original, this Panther model did not use the leopard-print material. The names, race stickers, numbers, etc on the hood are all original. It is in running/operating condition.

1966 Arctic Cat Panther

This sled is one of the original 21 Black Panthers that were produced prior to the 1967 model year. While this Panther looks about the same as the 67s, there are many drive chain (not a case), non-traditional rolled edge on the running boards, aluminum dash panel, 140/141 style fiberglass hood, no tailight, different rear suspension, skis made from the 140/141s, etc, etc. Of interest on this sled is all the old signs of red paint showing through on many of the black parts, maybe being black was a later thought? We are only the second owner of this sled, we purchased it in the early 90s from a man in NW Minnesota. Wayne did a good mechanical restoration of this but cosmetically left it as-is so as to preserve as many of the historical aspects of this rare sled as possible. One of the few things that is not original on this sled is the seat, we had no choice but to re-manufacture it. It has a 12hp Kohler 4 stroke engine. Entire sled is in good operating condition. Serial # BP6-4631. Model # BP. This very snowmobile is pictured on pages 8, 9 and 95 of the book 50 Years of the Cat, by John Sandberg.

1966 Arctic Cat Model 141-D Race Replica

We have decaled this sled to look identical to the 66 Model 141-D that Wayne drove in the first ever Winnipeg-to-St Paul I-500 snowmobile race back in January of 1966. He is believed to have been the only Arctic Cat finisher, of the two that started that first year. He drove his Arctic Cat to an 18th place finish. Arctic Enterprises invited Wayne, his dad Art and cousin Bob to Thief River Falls following his completion of the race and gave him a brand new 141-D in exchange for his race-worn one. His original was destroyed in the show building on the Arctic grounds when it burned to the ground in 1973. This replica sled actually is all original except for the recovered seat bottom and, of course, the race related decals. The original 300cc Hirth engine still runs good and we try to operate this sled every winter. Journalist Brian Balsaitis wrote a great article about my Dad racing the first ever I-500 that is published in the November 2006 issue of SnoX magazine.

1966 Arctic Cat Cub 2x2 Bike

This is a 2 wheel drive off road motor bike. It has a 6 1/4 hp Kohler 4 stroke engine. This particular units' serial number indicates it is a 1966 model. It is published that 28 of these were produced for that year. Is in good original condition, we have owned it since the late 1990s. It was sold new by Steve's Arctic Cat in Center City MN. It only had one previous owner before me. The front and rear lights are original and working. The front wheel drives via a roller chain system.

1966 Arctic Cat 140 D

This snowmobile has its original 8 horsepower Kohler 4 cycle engine. Also is equipped with a forward/reversing transmission and steel roller-chain track with steel cleats.I purchased this in 1985 from the Arctic Cat dealer in Bozeman MT. With much help from my dad Wayne, we had this driving across the Minnesota snow the same day that we got home with it! Painting and some mechanical restoration followed that spring. We have had this on many vintage rides over the years and is still one of our favorites. It is believed that 369 of these were produced.

1963 Arctic Cat Model 1000 4x4

We purchased this in approximately 1994 from a man in East Grand Forks ND. He said that he had bought it out of a grove out in western ND a few years prior. The original engine was missing but a similar-to-original 10hp Kohler was with the machine when we bought it. Wayne and family friend Don went and picked it up. Not too many days after getting it home we had it running and operating. It was our main Deer Camp ATV until the late 1990s and is very capable off-road. While we had it on display at a Hay Days event in the late 90s, we ran into Edgar Hetteen. He was at the event promoting his then-new book Breaking Trails. He was generous enough to stop by and discuss the Model 1000 with us. He stated that this was the very first Model 1000 that they made and it has many differences from the production models...this does not have the belly mounted fuel tank, this one does not have the flat front grille, this units final drives are mounted at an angle not straight up-and-down, etc. The Arctic Enterprises ID tag on this reads...Serial: 63-1001 Model: X. For now we use it and display it with its original rusty red paint, as seen in the picture. This very ATV is pictured on page 115 of the book 50 Years of the Cat, by John Sandberg.


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